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Requirements for our Facility

What do I need?

• Reservations in advance and an up-to-date credit card on file are required for all services. A 24 hour or more advance notice must be given for cancellations, or you will be charged a $25 late cancellation. If you no-show to your reservation, you will be charged a $25 no-show fee.

•  A first introduction must be scheduled and completed BEFORE reserving daycare or grooming services for new clients.

• We require payment at check-out or before, for all services.

• Please notify us if you need someone other than yourself or your emergency contact to pick up your dog. If a person’s name is not listed on your account, they will not be allowed access to your dog. This can sometimes create inconvenience, because we will not budge on this issue for safety of the dog, so be sure to always list a new person’s name with us.  Please also make sure payment is taken care of at this time also.

Great Dane
Cute Dog

What does my dog Need?

• We do not accept dogs with a history of aggressive or threatening behavior to other dogs or people. If you are unsure how to define your dog’s past behavior, we are happy to discuss with you through an evaluation with our trainer to help!

• All dogs must be 4 months of age or older, to the best of your knowledge. This is the minimum age when veterinarians prefer to administer a puppies last round of shots.

• Female dogs are not permitted at Macatawa Dog Training while in a heat cycle (typically 4-6 weeks from first symptom, but can vary for individuals).  for all dogs we also reserve the right to evaluate your dog’s development and behavior at any time and require spay or neuter procedures for continued attendance in the event that other dogs are reacting poorly to pheromones or your dog is engaging in inappropriate hormone-related behaviors.

• All dogs must be on effective flea prevention. Any flea prevention protocol you choose to use is acceptable AS LONG AS it is effective. If your dog is found to have fleas, we will immediately perform a flea bath at the expense of the owner so that your dog can continue to socialize. However, flea baths do not prevent future infestation, so this is something that must be addressed immediately by you the owners for continued attendance.

• Dogs must be on-leash at all times in our lobby and parking lot.

• Any additional items provided (food, leash & collar, toys, beds, blankets, etc) must be labeled with dog's name and last initial. Food should be in an air-tight, resealable container.

• See below for vaccination requirements.

Required Vaccinations

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Lazy Brown Dog

Will my dog get sick?

There are many factors involved when it comes to dogs exhibiting symptoms of illness or showing up positive asymptomatically on a routine test. The fact of the matter is that when groups of dogs get together, they bring with them all the diverse bacteria, viruses, and parasites that they were exposed to in their own separate lives. Then they play with each other and breathe on each other, lick each other’s eyeballs, and swap saliva to the max. It’s a recipe for a germ superspreader! Will your dog get sick though? That all depends on what exactly was passed around and your dog’s individual immune response (which can also depend on your dog’s age, breed, genetic predisposition, energy levels, diet, etc) and any supportive measures they are given (like adequate rest, nutritional supplements). Our team carefully monitors all the dogs in our care for signs of illness in order to identify and immediately isolate any potentially sick dogs, but that doesn’t mean that something can’t get passed around even before symptoms show up. Fortunately, the most common of these are considered by veterinary professionals to be self-limited and not life-threatening. Dogs can also pass around serious diseases that are almost completely preventable through vaccination and we require up to date vaccinations for those diseases based on the advice of our consulting veterinarian. Never say never though, and we will be the first to freely tell you that if you want to avoid an environment where dogs will be exposed to communicable diseases and parasites, you should certainly avoid daycare. And any public place where dogs are allowed. And all other dogs in general. But if you want your dog to engage socially with other dogs and experience the world beyond their home and your veterinarian considers your dog to be healthy enough to do so AND you feel comfortable with your ability to care for your dog should they fall ill, then honestly, then we’re with you!

Listed here are some of the more common diseases or conditions that are found amongst dog daycares in general. A reminder that we are not veterinary professionals and that what we say here is our opinion. You should always consult with a veterinarian for your dog’s health needs:

Upper respiratory infections (AKA kennel cough)
Puppy warts (papillomas)
Puppy pinkeye (conjunctivitis)

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Policies and Procedures

​IMPORTANT HEALTH & SAFETY NOTICE Dogs with contagious illnesses or parasites are not allowed at the Macatawa Dog Training. We are happy to provide care for injured dogs or those with special medical or health needs when applicable, but for the safety and health of other dogs, we cannot accommodate dogs with contagious disease or parasites. Common illnesses and parasites include but are not limited to: Bordetella (kennel cough), conjunctivitis, and intestinal parasites/worms. Symptoms of illness can include coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, discharge from the eyes, nose, mouth, and/or visible parasites in the stool. If a dog shows signs of illness while in our care, we will isolate them from the other dogs and the owner will be asked to take him or her to the vet for a checkup. The dog is welcome to come back only after the vet declares he or she healthy. If a dog arrives showing signs of an illness, or if a dog is actively being treated for a contagious illness or parasite, the dog is not allowed to stay. This is for the comfort, health, and safety of your dog and the other dogs. 

NEW CLIENT INFORMATION All new dogs must go through a daycare evaluation before being put into daycare. The evaluation is free and must be scheduled ahead of time. We only do evaluations after 9:00 a.m. On your first day of daycare, please bring your dog to daycare early in the morning between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. This early arrival time gives your dog a chance to explore the daycare environment before the rest of the pack arrives. We want your dog to have a good experience on his or her first day and meeting the pack a few dogs at a time will give your dog a chance to acclimate to our facility. Please note that clients are not permitted in the daycare.

​HEALTH, and VACCINATION REQUIREMENTS We require all dogs to be up to date on their rabies, distemper, fecal, negative heartworm test, and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccines. We also recommend the canine influenza vaccine, but it is not required. We recommend that all dogs use Frontline, Advantix, or a similar flea- and parasite-control product, but please do not apply these products on the day your dog attends daycare, as doing so could be unsafe for the staff and the other dogs. We will ask for a copy of your dog’s vaccination records on your first day. Please provide us with updated records as the old ones expire. Please let us know if your dog has any health issues that would impact his or her stay in our daycare. Examples include injuries, recent surgery/stitches, skin conditions, illness, history of seizures, allergies, medicines, etc. We will do our best to accommodate any special health needs your dog may have. Please do not bring your dog to daycare if he or she is showing signs of illness. Symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, rashes, coughing, or discharge from the eyes or nose may indicate an illness that could be contagious to other dogs.  If your dog shows signs of illness while at daycare, we will remove him or her from the pack to a quiet area, and then alert you or your emergency contact. Your dog’s health and safety at our daycare is of the utmost importance to us. During playtime with other dogs throughout the day, minor injuries such as scrapes or bumps may occur. In the event that your dog becomes sick or injured during the day, our staff will assist him or her immediately to ensure his or her safety. We will then contact you, or your emergency contact, to alert you of the situation. 

BEHAVIOR REQUIREMENTS Our pack is made up of many different types of dogs. Most dogs that come to daycare are playful, happy, and friendly, and we also welcome shy or nervous dogs, if they are able to acclimate to the pack during their introductory period. Every dog is given a chance to adjust to the pack, and our trained staff will be able to determine if your dog will be a happy member of our pack. We do not allow aggressive or dangerous dogs. We do not allow aggressive play, excessive barking, jumping or dominant behavior. Our staff works diligently to maintain a calm energy in the pack. We understand that many dogs may be over-excited on their first day, and we will work with your dog to teach them our rules. Many clients have noted that their dogs’ behavioral problems at home are eased after experiencing the calm energy of our pack. 

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION We request that your dog come to daycare with a leash, a well-fitted collar (with a flat buckle). This will enable us to easily bring your dog in and out of the daycare. Pinch and chain collars are allowed, but we will remove them in the daycare setting for safety reasons. If your dog requires feeding during the day, please bring the food in a container labeled with your dog’s name and feeding instructions. We are also able to administer most medications throughout the day. Please call us for details.

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