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Macatawa Dog Training

Play and Train

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Play and Train - $1500

Develop Obedient Skills through Fun and Interactive Learning

Welcome to our innovative Play and Train program, where your furry friend can indulge in a combination of daycare and obedience training for a rewarding and engaging experience. In just ten days, your dog will master essential obedience commands such as "sit/stay," "down/stay," "drop it," "leave it," "focus," "place," "walking without pulling," and "come." Our program is designed to provide a structured curriculum while allowing your dog to enjoy the benefits of socialization and playtime in a supervised daycare setting.


How It Works:

Our Play and Train program spans over two consecutive weeks, starting on Monday and concluding on Friday. Each day, your dog will spend part of the day enjoying supervised play and socialization in our daycare facility. They will have the opportunity to interact with other dogs, providing valuable socialization experiences. The other part of their day will be dedicated to obedience training, where they will learn and practice the fundamental commands under the guidance of our certified trainers.


Weekend Break:

At the end of each week, we believe it's important for your dog to have a well-deserved break to rest and recharge. That's why our program includes a weekend break, allowing your furry friend to relax in the comfort of their own home and spend time with you and your family. This break also provides an opportunity for your dog to solidify the skills learned during the week before progressing to the next level of training.


The Curriculum:

Throughout the ten-day course, our experienced trainers will guide your dog through a comprehensive curriculum tailored to their individual needs. They will start with basic obedience commands such as "sit/stay," "down/stay," "drop it," "leave it," and "focus." These commands lay the foundation for good manners and a well-behaved canine companion.


As the program progresses, your dog will learn more advanced skills such as "place" (to go to a designated spot and stay), "walking without pulling" (to walk calmly on a leash), and the crucial recall command "come." These commands enhance your dog's focus, control, and safety in various real-life situations. Through positive reinforcement techniques, your dog will have plenty of opportunities to practice and reinforce these skills during their daycare and training sessions.


Benefits of Play and Train:

Our Play and Train program offers a unique blend of obedience training and socialization opportunities. By combining daycare with training sessions, your dog will enjoy mental stimulation, physical exercise, and positive social interactions.


The benefits of our Play and Train program include:

1. A harmonious bond: Enhance the relationship between you and your dog as you communicate effectively through obedience commands.

2. Polite behaviors: Teach your dog good manners, such as not jumping on people, pulling on a leash, or snatching items.

3. Reliable recall: Ensure your dog comes to you when called, even in distracting environments.

4. Improved focus: Develop your dog's ability to concentrate and ignore distractions, leading to better obedience in all situations.

5. Positive socialization: Provide opportunities for your dog to interact with other dogs, improving their social skills and confidence.


Join Our Play and Train Program:

Are you ready to provide your dog with an engaging and enriching experience that combines obedience training and daycare fun? Enroll your furry companion in our Play and Train program today! Contact us at 616-377-8873 or visit our website to learn more about class schedules, pricing options, and how to secure your dog's spot in the next session. Let us help your dog become a well-behaved and happy member of your family!

Happy Dog

Alumni Refresher/ Day Train

Refresher course for previously trained dogs that need a touch up on their trained skills. This Option is on a case by case basis, dependent on your dog’s behavioral issues and your training goals! 

Duration: Single day


Fine tunning what they already know. along with reinforcing behaviors that have lapsed.


Price: $100

What's included:

Training session with Erin

Facility Cost

Cute  Beaglier

Puppy Play and Train

Our Puppy Play and Train is designed for puppies aging from 4 months to 8 months. We know this is the most crucial stage of their mental development, so we want to implement reinforcing desired behaviors and avoid bad ones. Puppies are growing, developing and learning so quickly that every experience during this young age is of extreme importance. Delaying training and socialization can mean missed opportunities for your puppy to learn how you would like them to behave. Think of this as “puppy boot camp” for both you and your puppy. It will give you a head start in training, socialization, and confidence building.

Duration: 10 Days



Building Confidence

Encouraging Engagement

Starting off on the right track

Learning Basic Obedience


Price: $2500

What's included:

Daily training session with Erin

Facility Cost

Post-consultation: information transferred to you

2 follow-up lessons: Helps with transition of commands into home life, also covers walking/handling and door manners. 

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