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Macatawa Dog Training

Private Training

During your private training lessons, you will work one-on-one with our trainers to work on obedience commands and your overall control. The individual environment allows the trainer to be hands on with you and your dog to observe your progress, address any obstacles, and address your personal training goals with your dog. It also allows for that individualized attention that is crucial especially if you are a new dog owner or have a dog with any behavior issues. Almost 100% of people see results after their first private session, but your consistency and commitment to your dog’s training is what will make this a success!

Basic Private Lessons

Private in-home dog training is a great way for you and your dog to become fluent in a system of communication. We can work on specific issues and correct unwanted behavior that may be affecting your dog's potential for success. We will work on your specific needs and the best part is that we offer private in-home lessons to customize your training. Private packages pricing varies based on specific needs and location.


Advanced Private Lessons

Everything in the Basic Package, plus

Increasing longer time, distance and distractions basic obedience commands they learned in basic.

Mastering the walk.


Puppy 101 Lesson

Did you just get a new puppy? or maybe you rescued a dog and you and your family are trying to help make the transition to "pet parent life" easier? We are here to help with our Puppy 101 lesson you learn the basics of creating a foundation, proper communication, adding structure, healthy exercise, The benefits of mental stimulation, and potty training.


In this lesson we also talk about how to curb attention seeking behaviors such and jumping, barking, and mouthing-nipping.


Behavior Modification 

Is your dog normally well behaved but you are still struggling with issues? We are here to help! Ranging from potty training, barking, jumping, nipping, counter surfing, fear of strangers, new strange behaviors, mild aggression, and much more. We have helped many families get to the bottom of their dog's issues that made for a far more pleasant dog and less stressed household.


Aggression Management

Owning a dog can sometimes be difficult when experiencing aggressive behaviors. ranging from lunging at other dogs on a walk to food aggression, possession aggression, and fear aggression. We are here to help get you and your dog on the right track, starting with an evaluation. We will find the proper boundaries, rules, and limitations for you dog to be successful while going through the training plan put together by our professional trainers.

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