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Macatawa Dog Training

Why Macatawa Dog Training

Building a Stronger Bond


Through private training sessions, your bond and connection with your dog will strengthen immensely. We will teach you how to communicate properly with your dog, which will increase their engagement with you.



You will work to strengthen basic to advanced obedience (depending on the training you choose) with new exercises, practices and commands. If you put in the work, you will see improvement in your dog's overall behavior.

Diminishing Distractions


As you work on your dog's overall obedience, he/she will become desensitized and accustom to distractions while you are training. This includes other dogs, moving objects, loud noises, strangers and crowds.

Enhanced Confidence


You, as well as your dog, will experience a boost in confidence as you go through your training. Training not only helps to raise your dog's self-esteem, but it will also allow you to grow into being a more confident handler and owner. This gives you better control of your dog in all sorts of situations.

Proper Handling


Our training lessons and classes will build you and your dogs on leash skills, while also preparing them to begin off leash control - if that's something you are working towards.



Socializing your dog in their life will expose them to new experiences, You and your dog can explore and experiment with behaviors in a safe, guided environment with our supervision. We can also point out any negative tendencies or unwanted behaviors that we see and help you to correct them before they become a habit. 



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701 Washington Ave

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