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Puppy Training

Macatawa Dog Training

Getting Started on the right track for life

Just Got a Puppy?

Help them put their best paw forward in life by socializing and training them at an early age! Learning social cues and basic obedience at an early age builds confidence and results in a well-behaved dog for life. If you live in West Michigan, our puppy training classes are the perfect way to get out and about and make friends with all breeds and sizes.

Puppy 101 Lesson

Did you just get a new puppy? or maybe you just rescued a dog and you and your family are trying to help make the transition to "pet parent Life" easier! we are here to help with all your new fur baby's needs!

Not only to we talk about proper ways to potty train, but we also talk about communication, mental activities and how to curb attention seeking behaviors (such as Barking, jumping and nipping).

Then What do I do?

Let us walk you through some tr​aining Options for you and your Puppy

Becoming Part of the Family

After our Puppy 101 Private session where do you take your puppy next? 

The next step is choosing which direction you want to go with training. Here at Macatawa Dog Training we have three main options: Private Lessons, Group Classes or our Puppy Board and Train.

There is no right or wrong answer here, it simply comes down to you and your lifestyle!  Ready to get out and learn with others? Then Group Classes are the way to go!  Have a larger family and want more one on one training for each person (including children)? Then we would suggest Private Lessons!  

Again, there is no right or wrong its simply what works best with you and your puppy! You can always reach out to us via email to get pointed in the right direction.

See more options below ...

Private Lessons

Private training is a great way for you and your puppy to become fluent in a system of communication. We can work on specific issues and correct behavior that may be affecting your puppy's potential for success. We will work on your specific needs and the best part is we offer private lessons in your home. 

Group Classes

Training your puppy from the very beginning is a crucial step in achieving a lifetime of positive, balanced and happy behavior. Macatawa Dog Training group Classes are the first step in molding your puppy into the dog you want for the future.

Group classes are held every month dates and times may vary.

Board and Train

 We know this is the most crucial stage of their mental development, so we want to implement reinforcing desired behaviors. Puppies are growing, developing and learning so quickly that every experience during this young age is of extreme importance. Think of this as “puppy boot camp” for both you and your puppy. It will give you a head start in training, socialization, and confidence building.


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