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Virtual Training Information

Our new online dog training program is making distance training possible! With our Online Dog Training Classes, we offer 1-hour long private online sessions to help you with your dog's individual needs. We have a several suggested plans that have offered clients success in the past, or we can custom tailor a plan specifically to fit your dog! We can personalize your online training with everything from basic to advanced obedience training, puppy training to behavioral issues, and much more. 

We use Zoom for the virtual training sessions. How it will work is you will be sent a meeting link for the appointment* time. We suggest you practice using Zoom (which is FREE) prior to your appointment to familiarize yourself with using Zoom. Zoom is available for cell phones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers, making it convenient for you wherever you want to train.


Flexible Training Schedule: Train from your own home and set your own schedule! No traveling needed, and no missed classes. Since you can train from your home, the whole family can get involved. 

Recorded Sessions: Re-visit weekly online training sessions at any time to review or teach a new handler about your dog’s training. 

Receive Feedback: Send your training videos and receive feedback from our trainers. You can record your dog’s behavior and send it to us to review and provide feedback during your 1:1 session. 

Suitable for all dogs: No age limitations with our online dog training! We can work on jumping, pulling, nipping, barking, destructiveness, reactivity, separation anxiety, aggression and more. Suitable for nervous, anxious and reactive dogs (with no other dogs or unknown people in the room!


One of the best ways for us to help you is to sign up for an online evaluation. This is an hour-long session where you and the trainer discuss you and your dog's specific needs.  Then the trainer with help point you in the right direction for successfully getting your dog's behaviors to where they need to be.

Single Online Session

This is for dogs that have already had a training plan set out and they begin their online one-on-one training!
These are hour long sessions and are able to go with an advance at your own pace with scheduling.

Package of 5 Online Sessions

This option is the same as the single but with a discount for purchasing multiple sessions.


Dogs speak, but only to those who know how to listen.

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