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Macatawa Dog Training

About us

Local to West Michigan

We service all animals within West Michigan mostly around the Holland / Zeeland / Saugatuck area, providing in-home services for all your pets needs

Family Owned

MDT is family owned and operated, working with local vets and pet shops to be able to prove your pet with everything they need to live a happy and healthy life.

Friendly Staff

We pride our self in a kind outgoing staff that is always available to help you with all your questions.

Insured and Bonded

Yes we are bonded and insured for everyone's protection, including your pet! Always make sure the dog trainer or pet sitter you use has proper insurance!

CPR Certified

We take pride in what we do and because of that we make sure that Macatawa Dog Training is the best it can be! We are professional Members of the APDT as well as pet CPR Certified! (Lets hope we never have to use it!)

Highly Recommended

Macatawa Dog Training is recommended buy the community including local Veterinarians, Pet Shops, Groomers, Day Cares and more

Positive Training Methods

We have a positive reinforcement training methods that have been successful in helping all animals to become the best they can be.

14+ Years of Experience

Trainer Erin has been working with animals her entire life and has devoted her skills to be able to help all dogs learn the skills they need to be successful in your home.

Flexible Schedule

As a family owned business we completely understand life can be crazy! we are able to accommodate busy schedules to ensure that your whole family can be involved.

Our Team

Erin Smith

Owner / Dog Trainer

I have been training dogs for over 14 years. My passion for all animals came from when I was a child and has since grown in my heart and into the passion I now call my business. I am so lucky to work with all the wonderful clients and animals I see every day.

I have dogs and cats, as well as my family including my two young children. I look forward to helping every dog(and Cat) be the best they can be as well as helping every owner become the most educated, understanding and patient pet parent possible.

Hannah V.

Reception / Trainer in Training

I love all things to do with dogs! I have volunteered at Harbor Humane, and have adopted my own pup from there - Stella (pictured) and she is a phenomenal first pup! Learning to communicate with her and learning how to take care of her has truly solidified my passion for dogs and dog training. I am constantly look for dog behavior videos in my free time to expand my knowledge of dogs and their behavior(s).

I have studied for 3 years at Michigan State, where I took classes like animal behavior, biology, ecology and more. I have switched paths and am currently at Strayer University pursuing a degree in business.

I am also currently being mentored by Erin where I am learning what it takes to be a dog trainer and I am loving every second!


Pet Specialist

Johanna enjoys pet sitting and came to us with her past knowledge of working in a vet clinic as well as working pet retail.

One of her hobbies is helping to rescue wildlife in need. She has a heart for all creatures great and small.

Hannah D.

Training Assistant / Trainer in Training

More about Hannah Comming Soon


Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.

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